Niwakash' 01.11

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Hutyuu'tt ne ha'ni khu ne nu'y kutynyn.

My father was working and my mother was teaching.


Ta'y' ne akst ta'ts' teykesnyea'.

My grandmother came to stay with us for a while and take care of me.


Ne' skya'tt katknye'skwa' n-aste ne' niywe' wa'kyn' ne tsihstuhkw'.

I would play outside quietly by myself until ants attacked me.


Wa'akwatatyn' akashta' he twni'ty' he niywe' ha'ty wnes' he kya'takwk ne' ha'tekaktak khku' ne kayahtuwe'sh'a tewakhtats' kanhsutkw.

I fought back, stomping the anthill, until finally I was so covered with them I had to pull off my shorts and run for the house.

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