Niwakash' 01.14

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Ne' te'w akwankek uya'tsi, ne' ne Kanyutae' te'.

Not far from there we lived in another house on Lake Avenue.


Ne'hu takatyt akwane'ak.

It was on Lake Avenue that my own career in crime got under way.


Ne' n-n k niwakushiya'k ne' khu kyt knsku'.

I was already four by then and had learned about stealing.


Tusk tyakwankek th'tytak ne s niaushiya'k, ne' kw he ka'y'ke ta'a yak't.

There was a three-year-old living near by, but he was fenced in and could not get out.


Tusk ne teka hu'ke' akathsi'w' ne hutkny atukwa'syuwan aky kuwn hy'.

I went to the fence and watched him playing with the biggest spoon I had ever seen.


Akash' ne' n k niyuhtsakwt he nys, ne' wai ha'tekakt teyuhtsakwt he nys.

I remember it as about two feet long, and it may well have been over a foot.


Heyt' ukwny kk', ta un thakawisk ne atukwa'sh' hakuhtas'.

I asked him if I could see it, and he trustingly handed it through the fence.


Hewakenyatk sakahtti'.

As soon as I got it I ran home.


Akaktye' wa'ukwt't haknk, "Tsisahkt!"

I could hear him calling pathetically all the way, "Come back!"

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