Niwakash' 01.13

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T' na'u't ahs' akash' akwanke' ne Teyuhsai't te'?

What else do I remember about living on Pepper Drive?


Kanhst kasynya't huik kuwns utkwht'' u'skw.

The house was made of those big red jumbo bricks.


Akytak sh atknye'sh' u'skw uyta' kasynya't, ne' kw he ne'hu u'skw u'ke'skwku' kasynya't tewasha'kts.

I had toy bricks made of wood, but there I got a much larger set of bricks made of plastic.


Ukwenyask ha'tekanhsak hsesynyn', ne'hu wai akash' u'kesynyn' ks tyutkt katknye'skwa'.

You could make quite complicated houses with them and that is what I remember playing with most of the time.


Ne'hu ty' ne hakst ta'ts' akwe'skwa'.

My grandfather came to stay with us for a while there.


Akash' ne' tewakattsni ha'kwist' ukwny hsku' setehtskh' kashkyt.

I remember ordering something on a cereal boxtop.


Hw ne haksa'kw th'tytak ne swathaati, "Ne' ne nu'y yknn'," u'ki'.

I bragged to a bigger boy across the street that my mother had ordered it for me.


Wyatshnsku' khu ne k nikahsy'shk wt ne kyatsh' kash'ke.

He stole the order with the fifty cents in it out of the mailbox.


Ne'hu akwanke' hwe n'w aawaka'is ne ka'sehta'kw.

That was the house where I nearly got hit by a truck.

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