Niwakash' 01.16

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K k wis thsiyaushiya'k ske'skwa' akwankek ne' u'keksa'tihsk.

Four or five years later I was in the neighborhood again and tried to find the boy.


Ne' n-n akhwistay' aaenythss ne atukwa'sh' ne' niwaknskw.

By then I had money and wanted to pay him for the spoon I had stolen.


Ne' kw he waahtti' ne haksa'aa ne' te'wt th' te'sk'.

But he had moved away and I never saw him again.


Wtti'kwa akk ne hntthni kwnnk tytathwat, ne' n-n u'kash't huik atukwa'sh' heyk huik haksa'aa niaknk, "Tsisahkt!"

Ever since then whenever I hear preachers calling people to repentance, I think of that spoon and hear that little boy calling "Come back!"

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