Niwakash' 01.36

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Ne' ne nu'y wa'khywi' aakhwah' ne unsta'sh' kaat' khne kanyu' kanhtt'.

My mother taught me to mark the sassafras trees in the summer when the leaves were on them.


Ta un kkne kanyu' wa's's ne n', ukwenysk aakekteu'kwt aakatwat' ne kushne.

Then in the fall when the sap ran down, I could dig them for the roots and keep them for winter.


Tyaw' akkesh'ke akekty' uka' nikasnu't, usth wai aakashku' ks.

I kept a pungent root in my pocket all the time, sometimes chewing on a bit of it.


Hesakhu' kyt wai niyu't ne usn', ne' th' tewakattsni aakhwah'.

The next year I knew how to tell the bark without marking.

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