Niwakash' 01.20

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Ne' ne tsyeya'tt ha'ty ytythak ne Mrs Yawns, ne' kw he th' te'akwaahw.

One perpetrator of course was Mrs Yawns, but I didn't realize it.


Ne' sh khetk' n'khy'.

What I did to her I did out of pure meanness.


Ne' thsitinyusyt ne kahne wa'thsi'w' ne kaya'tah' kash'ke, ne' ne Texas Christians teuntukht ne Georgia Tech w.

I was sitting with her in her living room and she was watching the Texas Christians on tv play Georgia Tech I think it was.


Ne huik yene's ne Christians, ne' kw he te'akash' s u'thatikni'.

She was for the Christians, but I don't remember who won.


hsihsk sh ne kushne n'tew'nya'eshsh tyuht niw'nya' wis niwash wis-sk' wattha'.

Look it up in the winter of 1955.


Ne' ne tentknye's wihiak aay' kek't', ne' kaini ha'kwist' nwh ne' akaska'sh' kahsi'tatki's u'kek' yehsin'ke.

I thought it was kind of boring, so I livened up things by putting my dirty bare feet on her legs.


Thsa'y' tykwanhst kwi' ne nu'y, ne' u'tkt tusk kahukt u'khsthu' ks, "Skw!" u'ki'.

When she came over to our house to tell my mother, I stood on the porch and kicked and said "Git!"


Nae ta'tewakattsni ne' ne nu'y yeyte't ne na'u't n'ky'.

I wasn't about to let my mother find out I had done a thing like that.

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