Niwakash' 01.28

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Ne' wai aknhtnyhkwni ne'hu niwu'uu ne hwti'sks thatthni tusk tykwanhstak.

That reminds me that there was a little Baptist church on the corner above where we lived.


Ne'hu tekni'tytak tekniksa'aa, ne' te'akash' ne na'u't kniyasn'.

There were two girls living next door to us, I don't remember their names.


Ne' n'w wa'kwe' huik thatthni.

I went with them to that church one day.


Ne'hu tkaya'tay' ne Thsakahtas w n'wti ne ytthnistahkwa'.

There was a picture of Jesus in the front behind the pulpit.


Ne'hu wai atekhwaahkwa'ke ne ywtahkwa'.

There was a table in front of it with a flower vase on it.


Ne nae te'ne' te'awy'.

There were no flowers.


Unhtsi te'akwaytak aw'sh' ne tewasha'kts kasynya't.

It was before plastic flowers became famous.


Ne'hu sh thiykwaty.

We were just sitting there quietly.


Wy' ne hakya'takeha', ne' ha'kwist' wa'akwatnt', ta un hatisyhkwak, ne' khu u'thskwan'yny', "swksa'tiyk," thusnye'.

The deacon came in and had us sing a hymn and then he prayed and put his hand on our heads and told us to be good children.

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