Niwakash' 01.29

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Wny' ne akhak Donna yeys khu ne tnyatktahkwa'k' ne Ted hayasn'.

My father's sister Donna came to visit us with her husband Ted.


N-u'ks'a thsiyakwathne' u'ke'skta't ne hutst ne Ted.

I was walking with them one evening and got burnt on Ted's cigarette.


Sny' thkwe'tate' huik hkwe'we. Utni'aa Brenda yeys.

The next time she came she had a different husband, a Susquehannok, and a baby called Brenda.


U'k'nikwet s' ahs' aay' kutksyu' ne kushe'tt.

I was shocked at her belly button not yet healed.


Kutwankwt ne akhak ne' huik akyth ne ukte' uya'k utn.

I made a great impression on Donna by sticking the sprouted ends cut off carrots in the ground and showing her my garden.


Ne'hu wai u'kyt knuwthk.

So began my long career in deceit.

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