Niwakash' 01.30

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Ne' ne tyunn'kw n'wti tkantay' huik Tsyutt' te'.

Bass street was on the south side of town.


Ne' wai hhu' n'wti tyk kw ahs' thatinkek, ne' kw he hhu' n'wti kwanhst kahatnk.

There were people living even further south, but the woods started behind our house.


Ne'hu ks wis wai ny ktaythwahsk ne kan'kwa' ya' ne' ne kan'kwai's, ne' ha'tewak niwa'aa n'w'he't.

There was first the row of fig trees, five of them, each smaller than the next.


Ne' niku'uu nikya'tu't thiyukweny k'th' ne kuwan ne' te'watts'.

I was small enough to climb up in the branches of the largest one without breaking them.


Akyakwas' wts niwa'aa ne' akathsi'was' ne un'kwa' niyui' ne knya'tsya'k.

I would break off a small, dark fig and watch the milk oozing out from the severed neck.

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