Niwakash' 01.31

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Ne kayth.

Then came the garden.


Ne' ne hakst akniythwaskwa'.

My grandfather took over the planting of it with me as his helper.


K nikank skasae'tt khu.

Four kernels of corn to a hill, and then a bean.


Ne' wai tusk knyhsn ne' teyuthwe'nn tsitkw'' khu, kanhtny tyutn.

Nearby grew the squashes, round and yellow, hidden beneath their shady leaves.


Ne' n-tk tkanhtatsis tusk ne utkeu'tsuwan.

By day they were just patches of green near the ever encroaching lighter bamboo.


Ne' ne s unty' untnt n'kkw katsihs'tahsi'k.

But at night the three sisters sighed and sang beneath the stars.

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