Niwakash' 01.34

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Tekn na'u't ukwenyn' nhsty' ne kta'.

There were two things to do on the fallen tree.


Ne' tkte' wahkwaishnyt ne nykwi's' u'hsa' kaka'ts.

Above it a cluster of grape vines hung from the living oaks.


Wy nae ne nykwi's' u'hsa', ne' wai ukwny hstye' ytsate'kw ne' aay' niyu't sas'' n-ytstk, ne' kw he !he'tk he'tk sastye he u'she', sastye sastye khu.

A grape vine is a wonderful thing to launch out on and swing downward so it looks like the earth will swallow you up, but then be caught up with the ground receding again so high above the pokeweed, and then back again.


Ne' ne u'she'' ytsis u'tyuni'k he u'kwsat.

The purple berries on the pokeweeds still tremble where I brushed against them.


Ne' wai na'u't ukwenyn' shaksa'tt nty' unn' hekhkw'a kanyu' sy' ks hnteystahkwa'.

That was something a boy could do alone on the warm afternoons after school.

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