Niwakash' 01.40

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Aky ah' khts ne akst he niyu't sk' kya' ks.

There never was another woman as good to her grandchildren as my grandmother was, no indeed.


Ausk'a skt u'kt wa'tehkk.

She never got mad at me but one time.


Akwanyusytak tyakunhst Tekhk ne' ne tsisk huik kanhsak ne' wahtatkwas akwatekhniatye'skwa'.

We were sitting in her haunted house in Elkins eating popcorn.


Hkwe'ty te'wt nae ne uy'kwa' teaskan'tha'.

I said no decent person ever chewed tobacco.


Wa'k' wai, "Ne' ha'ni uy'kwa' teaskan'thak ne' huik hkwe'ty."

She said, "Now that's not so. My daddy chewed tobacco and he was a good man."

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