Niwakash' 01.42


Waewi' thsitwakeht swk nae u'ketsi'tk' ne' ne tetwathaa's' kanyusyt.

I told him I saw a duck sitting at the corner as I was coming down to see him.


Nae u'tk'tt ks ne huik swk kays.

That duck would fart every time anyone went past.


Ta un tykwa si u'wni'tt' n'tk'tnte' ne' he'tk watstha', ne' tekw' ne ka'sehta'sh'.

Finally it let loose a load that lifted it right off the ground and was blocking traffic.


Thsaaty' ne hn'swatha' u'ntk ne katsi'tuwn he n'tk'tnte' u'kanestus.

By the time the firemen got there the duck had frozen to the top of the pile of duck manure.


Ha'tekakt waatiy't ne u'thkwa'tai skw hu'katye', ne' kw he u'ka'skta't ne u'yuhkwa'.

They had to use a torch to get it loose, and even then it got some feathers singed.


Waaskatkw wa' sh, "Tyaw' sakt."

He laughed and said "You're always making up stories."


"Aky kaiwakwnyu'," u'ki'.

"No, it's true," I said.


"Ne' huik uhtak kuwn ne swk.

"That duck was so big.


Satkthu sh n u'watt' kanhsakyt he thntisyhkwa' aawatts'."

Look, it landed on the roof of the church there and the roof is sagging in."


Waatakhe' sh he unhsukt "Kw nae?" taasnye't.

He ran to the window and said "Where?"

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