Niwakash' 01.43


Ogla Dempsey McElwain hays ne ha'ni, ne' kw teane's sk' n kunht'.

My father's name is Ogla Dempsey McElwain, but he doesn't like anyone to know about it.


Thsi'ty' ne hekhkw'ske wa'uy'hi'k n'yat' ne' ne Olga th' nae Ogla he wawkya's 'sehti'se' ks.

When he was living in Oklahoma and got a new driver's license, they wrote his name wrong, Olga instead of Ogla.


Te'wt ukwny hsyt' kawn'sh' kwe'wkh', ne' hae'kwa kaiwan' sash'sk.

Indian names are impossible to spell and nearly as hard to remember.


Ta un thsisyahkt sny' ne Tytahsehtahkwa'ke ha'tekakt ahs' kt wkya's 'sehti'se' ks.

So when they moved back to West Virginia, he had to get a new driver's license.


Wa'yat' wawt' ne' huik kakwk thsa'tkt.

The lady filled out the papers and asked him to check if everything was right.


Ne' teukaistay', ne' kaini wa'tys ne nu'y.

He didn't have his glasses, so my mother checked them.


"Nae th' teayas Olga," wa'k'.

She said, "But his name isn't Olga."


"Ne'hu wai kyt' he wawkya's 'sehti'se' ks.

"Well, that's what it is on his earlier license.


Tykwa nae ne'hu teayas, ha'tekakt skniyni' ne kyt' wai wankt."

If that's not his name you'll have to bring in his birth certificate."


Wauhkai ne ha'ni.

My father was mad.


"T' kw ne'hu u'sheys?

"Why did you tell her that?


Olga k Ogla, tekniyash ks wtk'.

It doesn't matter whether it says Olga or Ogla, one's as bad as the other.


Ha'tekakt n nkhu tsityahkt."

Now we've got to go to the trouble of coming in again for nothing."


Ta un tkanhst huik kyt' wankt ne'hu Ogla kyt' wnk'.

Well, when they got home they discovered that his first name was Ogla alright, right there on the birth certificate.


Ne' kw he th' thsa'teyuht ne hutn huhsn'.

Only the last name was spelled wrong.


"T' aatiy't ne kakt sh ta un ukwny aatsityat' ta un ttiyashe'tak sh?"

"What about putting that white stuff on it and writing over it and then making a photocopy?"


Ne'hu wai nny'.

So that's what they did.


Ta un wnk' ne' thsa'teyuht ne hays kyt' ne wawkya's hahttye's. Ta un hsyahkt.

Then they discovered the name was right on his passport, so they just took that in.


Ne' ne uiwankwat sh wawkya's wai 'sehti'se' ks kyt' ne huhsn' ne' ne thsa'teyuht.

It was a wonder, but they accepted his passport and gave him a driver's license with his real name on it.


"T'e kw sesktkw's?" wa'k' ne nu'y.

"What are you grinning about?" said my mother.


"Thsa'tkt sh kakwk ne wakatny'," thusnye'.

"I didn't miss a single question on the written test" he said.

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